Eric Bischoff Set to Return to AEW With Chris Jericho

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Eric Bischoff Set to Return to AEW With Chris Jericho

Eric Bischoff is set to return to All Elite Wrestling. Eric Bischoff is a former WCW President and was the only person that came close to beating the WWE during the Monday Night Wars. Eric Bischoff has only made four appearances on AEW TV ever since the promotion started nearly 2 years ago.

Eric’s appearance plan was revealed by Chris Jericho on The Busted Open Radio. Eric will appear as the host of the Inner Circle celebration. The episode will be aired on Friday.

Eric Bischoff Is All Set To Appear on AEW Soon

“This Friday we’re having a celebration of the Inner Circle that has been, kind of, promoted and perpetuated by AEW,” Jericho said.

“This is not an Inner Circle idea, this is AEW kind of giving thanks to the Inner Circle for all that we’ve done in the past year and a half. Because if this is indeed our last match at Stadium Stampede, then we’re going down with all guns blazing.

“But the host, the MC, of this Inner Circle celebration. This is exclusive, we haven’t told anybody this, but it’s going to be a returning Eric Bischoff to host and MC the whole segment. The first time that Bischoff and I have ever been on the same side!

Much like when I called Mike Tyson when we had our change of heart a few months ago, another guy I called was Eric Bischoff. We have made amends and Eric agreed to come down and MC the celebration of the Inner Circle, this Friday on TNT”.

Chris Jericho is currently feuding with MJF and his group. The Inner Circle is still one of the most popular groups in AEW right now. Many fans believed that AEW would hire Eric Bischoff to work for them full-time. However, that was not to be the case and Eric is actually quite disconnected from the promotion.

Besides all of that, Tony Khan is the person that calls all the shots in AEW. So that being said, most likely they do not require the services of Eric Bischoff, who was criticized for being the reason why WCW went out of business during the Monday Night Wars.

Eric Bischoff last major role inside a wrestling promotion was nearly two years ago. He was hired by Vince McMahon to work as the Smackdown Executive Director. However, it is unclear as to why he was let go from his position.