Cody Rhodes on Future of TNT Title at TBS

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Cody Rhodes on Future of TNT Title at TBS

Cody Rhodes is working as an EVP at AEW and is also a performer. He spoke about the future of the TNT title as AEW is all set to move to TBS in 2022. Since the show will no longer be on TNT, many people believed that AEW will drop the TNT title as it wouldn’t make any sense for the title to be present on TBS.

Cody Rhodes stated that the TNT title will not be dropped as it is a very important title.

Cody Rhodes on Still Wanting to Keep the TNT Title

“I don’t want to drop any spoilers, but I mean, I’ll drop a spoiler,” Rhodes said.

“I don’t think we’re going to change the title’s name one bit. TNT is the place that the first alternative challenger brand in two decades appeared on. Their excitement, our partners at WarnerMedia, and the TNT title, as I’ve stated, I think it is, if not the most important title in wrestling, the second most important title in wrestling.

“I don’t see us changing that name, and I think that’s kind of across the board. I don’t think you’ll find anybody in management or Tony himself who wants to change that name. We’ll always roll with the punches and we’ll always pivot, but I’m 99% sure the TNT title stays the TNT title”.

He also stated that the AEW Rampage platform will provide an opportunity to the wrestlers that do not appear regularly on AEW Dynamite. “I think having Rampage will help considerably,” said Rhodes. “That way we can share the wealth.

However, Dynamite’s a very hard show to get on. The best wrestlers in the world are on Dynamite. We have a very full locker room, and on the way to the ring, you walk by a lot of people who are on the bench that week. “I think you’ll see a lot of that bench get unloaded for Rampage, and that’s very, very exciting.

And the two shows will have their own identities surrounding the AEW championships that kind of tether us all together. But other than the logo for Rampage, the details are all still forthcoming, other than I think it will be really great for our locker room”. Cody Rhodes is one of the first superstars that joined AEW around 2 years ago.