Cody Rhodes Speaks About New Title Being Introduced in AEW

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Cody Rhodes Speaks About New Title Being Introduced in AEW

Even though AEW will be moving to TBS in 2022, Cody Rhodes has made it clear that the TNT title will stay. According to Cody Rhodes, the TNT title is the second most important title in the company right now. However, recently he spoke about some new titles that might be introduced soon.

This is because with AEW moving to TBS, it wouldn’t make sense for just the TNT title to be in the company. However, they stated that a TBS title is not in the picture at the moment.

Cody Rhodes on Possibility of New Titles and CBS

“The TBS title has not been discussed yet, but another title as a lot of people can guess has been the title that has been more discussed potentially coming in the future,” Rhodes said.

“I’ll let y’all speculate on what that is. Hint hint, we have a lot of people, teams, on the roster”. However, he stated that it might be possible in the future. “You never know. Remember the origins of the TNT Title was WarnerMedia, our television partner and provider, was the one that wanted us to have it,” Rhodes said.

“That was a first in all of wrestling, for your partner in the space to say, ‘We’d like you to represent us,’ which is why we’ll keep it the TNT Title throughout its time. It’s my favorite belt in all of wrestling”.

Rhodes went on to say that AEW’s success over the past two years has not surprised him, even though it has surprised a lot of people around the world. “I guess the way I’d put it is I’m not surprised at the expansion, but I’ve always been the eternal pessimist,” Cody Rhodes said.

“The reasoning for that is I grew up in a wrestling family. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, ‘Oh, this show’s going to get TV. This is going to be on this network.’ It was not until Tony Khan that wrestling was able to be brought back to a comparable network and actually have an alternative and a challenger in the space that has been [without one] for almost two decades.

Even that, I know this can all end on the drop of a hat, but it is amazing how quickly we’ve expanded. Especially now expanding into the TBS territory”.