Mark Henry Comments on Joining All Elite Wrestling

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Mark Henry Comments on Joining All Elite Wrestling
Mark Henry Comments on Joining All Elite Wrestling

The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry recently spoke about why he joined All Elite Wrestling. Mark Henry made his official AEW debut at AEW Double or Nothing 2021. Mark Henry is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the most recognized WWE wrestlers in the world.

He is also a former WWE Heavyweight Champion. Mark Henry appeared on the Busted Open Radio where he spoke about why he joined All Elite Wrestling. Mark Henry actually wanted to stay in WWE, but he simply did not get the deal that he wanted in WWE.

He also saw many people go over the years and that is not what he wanted for himself.

Mark Henry Reveals Why he Joined AEW

“My deal was up,” Henry said. “This is not something that was recent. I can go back to five months? Six months? I wanted a position in the office and I wanted everything that comes with it.

And I talked to Vince himself. And he said ‘write it up. You’re somebody that I’ll hear from, I’ll listen to.’ And I was told there was a lot of cleaning house and there was a lot of cuts that were happening.

There was a lot to come. “I’ve seen hundreds of people in the company go. I still felt like ‘well, knowing this, I feel valuable enough that I’m not going anywhere. So that’s cool.’ But when you’re deal comes up, and the rights, the legality part of it comes up to where you’re going to go next and what you’re going to do, I felt like I wanted to do more.

I always wanted to do more. You know me, I’m a busybody. If I’m not doing what I know I can do, especially if I feel I can do it better than somebody else. If I can’t get that opportunity, I have to start looking for that somewhere else.

And I did”. Mark Henry has fought some of the best superstars that WWE has ever had. He has also been part of some very important feuds. Mark was known for his power and strength. He could easily lift most WWE superstars with ease, even the big ones.

However, he didn’t have a good promo cutting ability and did not move very fast in the ring. Therefore, he did not receive many pushes in WWE.

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