AEW follows WWE's footsteps, releases two wrestlers

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AEW follows WWE's footsteps, releases two wrestlers

In recent weeks, WWE has been dropping its scythe of releases, hitting every single roster and sector of the company, from the main roster, through NXT, to the management, thus firing even the personalities that fans could never have imagined would be sacked.

Among the many released, we also found several major names such as Velveteen Dream, Bo Dallas, the IIconics or Samoa Joe. All these names, sooner or later, will land in the rings of some other federation, as did all their predecessors, who have now joined AEW or Impact Wrestling or many other important companies in the world.

Apparently, recently, even WWE's rival company seems to have decided not to renew two of its contracts, preferring to release some athletes under consideration.

AEW releases Awesome Kong and Shanna

As confirmed by Dave Meltzer in one of his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, it seems that AEW has let the contracts of the two athletes signed several months ago, Awesome Kong and Shanna, lapse, preferring not to renew the agreement in place with these athletes.

According to what was then reported from the microphones of the Fightful Select, the agreement with Awesome Kong was coming to end, given that the mammoth athlete had been missing from the rings of the Khan family for several months now.

Shanna's release happened because she did not get the doctors' okay to take part in the action in the ring several weeks ago. Initially, Kong's use as a coach was also considered by the AEW, but in the end, everything fell apart, due to the athlete's low propensity to change roles.

After making a debut with a bang in 2019, Awesome Kong soon disappeared from the rings of the Khan family company and now we also know the reason for this release. As for Shanna, she had taken part in multiple matches from last November until the end of her contract, but in the end, even her contract was not renewed.