Tony Khan on Being Open to Crossovers

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Tony Khan on Being Open to Crossovers

Unlike the WWE, All Elite Wrestling’s president Tony Khan is actually open to crossovers. WWE pretends as if other promotions do not exist in the world. In fact, taking the name of any other promotion on WWE TV is a big no no.

They don’t even talk about other promotions during interviews. However, most insiders have reported that WWE is kind of worry about All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan already has partnered AEW with Impact Wrestling. In fact, Kenny Omega holds the Impact Title right now.

AEW wrestlers also appear regularly at Impact Wrestling events. Tony Khan in a recent interview stated that he is open to crossovers in the future after Double or Nothing.

Tony Khan Talks About Crossovers in the Future

“I more open to potential crossovers.

The only stuff that we’ve really done, other than the stuff that Kenny, I did go with Matt Hardy and Private Party, and that was something we worked out,” Khan noted. “We all liked it. I suggested it actually, and they really liked it.

I thought it would be a fun thing. It was a great experience for Private Party’s character development. They were huge part of that Casino Battle Royale, and they’ve been in a lot of big matches. They’re going to keep being in big matches.

“I have huge plans for Private Party, and for them and Matt Hardy to go out was a big deal. I’m more open to more collaborations. Whether it’s men, women, any wrestlers, I’d be really open to doing stuff like that, but mostly it’s been about Kenny being the world champion in multiple promotions.

We do lots of crossover stuff. Of course, Kenny is the Impact and TNA Champion, AAA Champion, and Jon Moxley is the New Japan U.S. Champion. We have the NWA Women’s Champion won by Serena [Deeb], who’s on our roster.

The Lucha Brothers are the AAA Tag Champs, lots of outside collaboration”. Tony Khan also spoke about Don Callis. Don is no longer part of AEW. “He helps in Kenny’s segments, and he’s involved. He’s doing that here,” Tony Khan stated.

“There was a point where he’s been here every week. I think it makes sense. We’re doing TV. We’re going back live every week. We’ll see. We got Kenny vs. Jungle Boy announced for two weeks. Jungle Boy tonight, to me that was one of my favorite moments on the show.

Kenny’s defending other titles. He’s got the Impact and AAA Titles. He’s (Callis) will be with Kenny wherever Kenny is. I think Kenny’s signed here for years, so Don will be here for years whether you like it or not”.