*Spoiler* Former WWE wrestler Andrade makes AEW debut at Dynamite

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*Spoiler* Former WWE wrestler Andrade makes AEW debut at Dynamite

In recent weeks, WWE has indulged in several very important releases, such as those of Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, as well as Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas and many others. Among the many who had already found a new path outside the company, for their own sake, there was also Andrade, who had requested his own release for months and months of booking dissatisfaction with him.

What few imagined, after seeing him again on the Mexican rings of the AAA, was to see Charlotte Flair's partner in such a short time also on the American rings, given that the most eligible companies for his return on the scene were very few and above all of them already have a large roster full of talents.

Once again, however, the AEW surprised us by making Andrade appear in its rings, right in the last episode of Dynamite, which aired in the night.

Andrade debuts alongside Vickie Guerrero at AEW Dynamite

During a microphone segment, which finally saw WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry speak, speaking about the sensational move from WWE to All Elite, Hurricane Vickie Guerrero, widow of the late Eddie, who had also been General Manager for years, entered like a hurricane.

makes Friday Night Smackdown, which literally kicked Mark Henry and Tony Schiavone out of the Dynamite ring. The reason for this gesture will be revealed in a few seconds, with Vickie going to present the arrival of Andrade El Idolo, former champion of NXT and the United States of the McMahon company, who has thus carried on her feud against the world champion of the AEW, as well as the absolute champion of the AAA, a company in which Andrade also works, Kenny Omega.

In the main event of the next edition of Triplemania, in fact, Omega and Andrade will compete for the title of heavyweight champion of the AAA, with the AEW that wants to bring this feud also on its screens. We now post the video of Andrade's arrival on stage, for the very first time, in the All Elite Wrestling rings: