Mark Henry Reveals That He Might Wrestle At AEW

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Mark Henry Reveals That He Might Wrestle At AEW

Mark Henry is a legendary WWE Superstar and he recently spoke about wanting to wrestle at All Elite Wrestling. Mark Henry made his official AEW debut at this year’s Double or Nothing PPV. Mark Henry is actually a WWE Hall of Famer and was a longtime WWE employee.

Many AEW fans were surprised when they saw Mark Henry make his debut as nobody expected that to happen. However, Mark Henry is currently in AEW in a non-wrestling role. However, he made it clear that he has a lot “left in the tank”.

Mark Henry is known as the world’s strongest man as he is a genuine Strongman. He will be a part of AEW Rampage, which will be a brand new AEW show.

Mark Henry on Wanting to Wrestle Again After Watching Sting Wrestle

Mark Henry is the co-host of Busted Open Radio, a popular podcast.

Tony Khan, the AEW President, was their most recent guest. During the show, Mark revealed that he would like to wrestle as Sting has inspired him. “Sting has made me feel like fifty is not old,” Mark Henry said. “Sting is one of those guys that, and if there’s anyone out there in this world I’d appreciate if you tweeted this out, Sting is a credit to the elder statesmen in wrestling.

He has made me feel there’s a lot that I can still offer, not just behind the scenes, but possibly in the ring. I don’t know when that’s going to be. But I’ve said it before, I want to wrestle again before it’s all said and done.

I want to wrestle in four decades, and that time is upon us. I don’t know when it’s going to be, but it’s going to happen, and it’s going to be at AEW. And I’m excited about it. I think Sting is primarily the reason that I’m making this kind of announcement.

He’s motivated me and made me feel that ‘man, it’s not too late”. Legendary wrestler, Sting, recently made his in-ring comeback after nearly 5 years. Sting wrestled at WWE in 2015 in a losing effort to Seth Rollins.

During that match, a buckle bomb was botched which resulted in Sting severely hurting his neck. Sting retired after entering the WWE Hall of Fame, even though he stated that he could still wrestle, despite the injury. Sting actually did wrestle this year at the Double or Nothing PPV. He was 62 at that time.