Kenny Omega on Having Friends at NXT

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Kenny Omega on Having Friends at NXT

Kenny Omega is the current AEW World Champion. Kenny Omega is one of the top superstars in the world and he holds many prestigious titles. He even holds the Impact World Title and was at one time the most valuable free agent.

He was one of AEW’s top signings during their AEW Double or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party in 2019. Kenny Omega has been part of many high profile matches over the years. He was also a superstar in Japan. However, he had friends all over the world.

Many of his friends are currently working at NXT and in WWE. Even though he has never stepped foot in WWE, he is respected by numerous wrestlers in the world. Kenny Omega spoke about the Wednesday Night Wars ending on the PWI podcast.

He also spoke about his friends that are currently working for NXT, the brand that he was working against when he was working at AEW Dynamite.

Kenny Omega on NXT Having Some of His Friends Working for It

Kenny Omega stated that no roster in the world can truly say that they have the best roster.

“The thing is there’s so many great wrestlers doing it,” Kenny Omega said. “And there is no one roster on the planet that has all the greatest athletes and talent. It doesn’t exist. There’s always going to be one or two guys somewhere else that could fit in and put great work in anywhere.

It’s just ‘how do you be different enough or how can you sort of get those eyes on your product by doing something different than anyone else is doing, in that week?’ And that’s sort of been the name of the game for me.

The Wednesday night thing, I love a lot of those NXT guys. A lot of them are my friends. I love to see them doing well, I love it when I hear when they’ve had a good match or performance. It’s great. If I heard the card in advance and I knew two of the guys, for example, I’m a big fan of Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly.

If I knew they were going to have a great match on Tuesday, I’d be like ‘hey, maybe that’s something worth checking out guys.’ And for me, there’s a lot of people that I don’t really know. I also like brushing up on the new faces.