The Bunny Speaks About Her Character

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The Bunny Speaks About Her Character

Allie is an All Elite Wrestling star, and she spoke about her character, The Bunny. The Bunny is a heel character, but still has a good number of fans. On the AEW Unrestricted podcast, The Bunny spoke about the origin of her character.

“The Bunny is kind of a combination of a lot of different things,” Allie stated. “I love horror movies. It’s my favorite genre, and I like to draw things out of characters that I’ve seen and kind of take little pieces of that.

One of my inspirations for The Bunny is a character from House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. There’s a character called Baby, so I drew a little inspiration from her. I drew some inspiration from another TV show that I love called The Vampire Diaries.

There’s a character named Katherine. She’s a very interesting character."

The Bunny Speaks About Her Character and Time at Impact Wrestling

“I took some from the movie The Stranger, I took some from that, but then also, I took a lot, believe it or not, from my own experience in my own life.

I kind of took all of that and threw it into The Bunny because when you’re a character, there has to be some authenticity there. There has to be some real-life there or it’s going to come across as completely fake.

So I feel you have to draw from your own experiences a little bit, even if those are amplified, even if those are over the top, to make your character work, and so I draw a lot from real life into The Bunny”. She also spoke about her time at Impact Wrestling.

According to her, Impact Wrestling taught her how to build a character and how to carry herself during a match. “When I first came into Impact, actually, Jesse and I signed our contracts on the same day. It was really cool for me, obviously, because it was my first television contract, but I was so happy for him,” The Bunny said.

“At that point, he’d been working for 10 years. I cried for myself, but I cried for him. I was just like, yes, yes, show them, show everybody how good you are, so it was really cool, and then when I went and I got to work alongside Maria Kanellis, as her assistant, I learned so so much from her.

She was so giving, and so helpful and gave me a lot of encouragement when it came to talking because up to that point, I hadn’t really talked a lot. I hadn’t had a lot of promos. I hadn’t done anything like pre-tapes, no acting, none of that stuff.

So I was just kind of thrust in this position where I got to learn alongside her, and then I started talking a lot more. My time in Impact taught me how to build a character and how to embody a character.