Allie Speaks About Impact Star She Wants in AEW

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Allie Speaks About Impact Star She Wants in AEW

Allie is known as The Bunny in All Elite Wrestling. She is currently working as a heel wrestler, but she still has a very large number of fans, even though her character is supposed to receive hate from the fans. The Bunny was on the AEW Unrestricted podcast recently.

Allie used to work for Impact Wrestling. She named the Impact Wrestling stars that she wants in AEW during the podcast.

Allie Speaks About Her Time at Impact Wrestling and Rosemary

“It would be a dream come true to work alongside Rosemary again, as a partner.

It would also be a dream come true to feud with her again because my all-time favorite matches, my all-time favorite feud in my entire career has been Rosemary,” Allie expressed. “She’s amazing, and she’s one of my best friends.

Selfishly, if I could drag her here, I would and put her right next to me, and then maybe we’d also fight”. Allie’s last run in Impact Wrestling was with Rosemary. During that run, they were feuding Su Yung.

Allie then spoke about her favorite opponent that she wants to wrestle with. “Trish? Stratus, 100%,” Allie stated. “She was the inspiration for me to start wrestling, seeing her, and she’s a Toronto gal just like me.

I would love it”. She also spoke about her favorite Impact Wrestling moment. “Hands down, the wedding. That was one of the coolest experiences in my entire life,” Allie said. “Not only being able to stand with Jesse, with The Blade and watch him kick ass but every single person in that segment knocked it out of the park, and I don’t think that TV can really translate how loud the Impact Zone was.

“That’s the loudest I had ever heard. People were losing their s**t. It was so cool, and I feel like it’s so important for me to say this because I don’t feel like she gets the credit she deserves, but Madison Rayne wrote that segment.

She wrote and produced that segment. She trusted all of us to bring her story to life, and honestly, that was one of the coolest, most awesome moments of my entire career”. Allie is still rising in AEW, but she is not the main event talent yet. She is mostly known for her very irritating character, and the character is her own creation.