Matt Hardy on Returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33

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Matt Hardy on Returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33
Matt Hardy on Returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33

Matt Hardy is a legendary professional wrestler, and he recently spoke about returning to WrestleMania 33 to WWE. Matt Hardy returned with his brother Jeff Hardy as the Hardy Boyz. The Hardy Boyz were able to win the Tag Team Titles that were on the line during that WrestleMania 33 ladder match.

The Hardy Boyz stayed and performed in the WWE for a long-time after that. However, Jeff Hardy injured one of his legs during their WWE run which ended the Hardy Boyz. During that time, Matt performed as a solo wrestler but eventually left WWE after he found out that WWE had no real plans for him that he would like.

Matt stated that WrestleMania 33 was one of the best moments of his life on his Twitch stream.

Matt Hardy on Returning at WrestleMania 33 with Jeff Hardy

“It was really overwhelming,” Hardy said. “There was so much adrenaline flowing through my body, this thing had been kept a really good secret, we didn’t show up until a match before our show at the venue and then they snuck us onto a bus outside, we had a few minutes there.

Right before we made our entrance they rushed us into the building with pink hoodies on and we were running up the stairs, a couple people saw us along the way and said ‘Oh my god, it’s the Hardyz!’. Running up these stairs, getting up to Gorilla [position] which was up three flights of stairs and were getting ready to walk out in front of this massive crowd." Matt Hardy also mentioned, “I haven’t seen the venue, I haven’t seen the crowd.

I have no idea what it looks like, really. Typically, when you’re a WWE wrestler or at an AEW show, whatever it may be, you’re there all throughout the day preparing. Typically when the crowd comes in you peek out the curtain, you look at the monitor, everybody does that and you know what the crowd/venue looks like so you have an idea.

We had no idea. We had run up all these stairs, adrenaline pumping like crazy, Jeff’s super nervous I remember. It was our first time back seeing Vince in person and seeing Michael Hayes and Shawn Micheals, saying hello very quickly and then within a few seconds, bam, our music hits.

Whenever we walk through that curtain and you see this sea of humanity. I’m getting goosebumps talking right now, it feels like a dream even in my mind”.

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