Chris Jericho on Taking His Biggest Bump

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Chris Jericho on Taking His Biggest Bump

Chris Jericho is one of WWE’s most successful superstars of all time and he recently spoke about taking his biggest bump. Chris Jericho currently works for All Elite Wrestling and was the promotions first ever AEW World Champion.

He is still very important for AEW and is featured in some of the top storylines within the company. On a Saturday Night edition of his podcast, Jericho spoke about the biggest bump that he ever took in his career. Jericho stated that his bump at AEW Blood and Guts was the biggest that he had ever taken.

MJF during the end of the match threatened to push Jericho off the top of a cage. Even though Sammy Guevara surrendered, MJF proceeded to push Jericho off the cage. Jericho landed backwards into plywood and some cardboard boxes.

Chris Jericho on The Biggest Bump of His Career

“I’m not even going to address the criticism for it,” Jericho began. “It was taking the bump off the top of the cage at [AEW] Blood & Guts. It was terrifying because I’ve never done anything like that before.

It was not a crash pad that I fell on, there were cardboard boxes that were basically set up across the board. You fall on them and, I guess, the cardboard kind of softens the blow. The piece of plywood over the top was not even as thick as this book — and I was scared.

“I really was because I didn’t know what to expect. You know what I mean? What’s this going to be like? When I hit, it was hard. I mean, I really did — the elbow injury is legit, just so you guys know it’s not a ‘work.’ It came from that because I hit the side of the stage and then my head missed the back by just a little bit.

If you see it, there’s a bunch of spotlights and stuff”. Even though the fall was quite big, some people made fun of Jericho and AEW. AEW didn’t do a good job at capturing it and didn’t make it look as impressive as it could have been.

“People that bagged on it can really f*** their ass because it was dangerous,” Chris Jericho stated. “It was scary, I was saying prayers before. I was a little bit worried because you never know. It was a legit fifteen [foot] drop.

Nestea plunge. You can’t see behind you and you hope for the best. It was something that I thought about all day. No one had to convince me to do it because I knew it was right for the story, but like I said, people that didn’t respect that bump really aren’t fans.

People in the business that were kind of bagging on it should know better because it’s not something you would really want anybody to do because it’s dangerous and it can affect you for your life if it goes wrong”.