Why was Aleister Black already able to make his AEW debut?

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Why was Aleister Black already able to make his AEW debut?

An AEW Dynamite special called Road Rager aired tonight, which kicked off the Jacksonville-based company's roadshows after the situation had definitely changed due to the covid. It was a very intense episode, full of excellent matches and segments and above all, it saw two ex-WWE wrestlers' debuts, one in the ring and one directly within the company.

In fact, Andrade defeated Matt Sydal in his debut in the AEW ring. But the most sensational debut was that of the former Aleister Black/Tommy End who now goes by the name Malakai Black. In fact, no one expected to see him already compete somewhere else after his release from the McMahon company, on the contrary, it was expected to see him again right there after the return of his wife Zelina Vega.

Instead, he made his debut in AEW leaving everyone stunned to wonder how this shift could be possible if theoretically, the athletes have a 90-day non-competition clause.

Aleister Black is a big acquisition for Tony Khan's promotion

The answer to all the doubts of wrestling fans comes from the well-known American site PW Insider which lets us know that all this was made possible by a WWE mistake.

In fact, when the fighter moved to the main roster a few years ago, the company forgot to update his contract. So instead of inserting a 90-day non-competition clause, as is the practice for all wrestlers, WWE left the clause at 30 days, as NXT does with its talents.

This allowed Tommy End to already sign a contract with AEW and debut. This is very curious because at this point we rightly wonder if other wrestlers may have been "victims" of this error, the only certain thing is that from now on WWE will pay much more attention.

Aleister Black shared a video on his official Instagram handle shortly before his AEW debut. The disturbing short movie gave a sneak-peek into Black's new character, Malakai Black. "I often wondered how many more there were, like in my head? Those voices.

I don’t know which I prefer, the endless silence or the constant dialogue. I find them both equally frightening”. If he has indeed signed for AEW, Aleister Black is a big acquisition for Tony Khan's promotion and has all the potential to become a World Champion in the future.

The promotion boasts some of the most talented athletes in the pro-wrestling industry today and Black's addition has only strengthened the roster.