Sold out for an AEW pay-per-view

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Sold out for an AEW pay-per-view

Finally the live audience at the wrestling shows is slowly returning and giving whole new lifeblood to the companies and wrestlers, who have found the right energy to give everyone a great product to have fun and have fun.

We know that AEW is already back with the live audience in its last episode of AEW Dynamite called Road Rager where there have also been two debuts: one in the ring, by Andrade El Idolo and in the company, by Malakai Black, ex Aleister Black.

During this episode we also had the presence of some UFC personalities at ringside and the invasion of the field by a fan who tried to attack Chris Jericho, even if obviously the wrestler got the better of it. Perhaps it was also thought that it would struggle to sell tickets after a global pandemic, but luckily the fans' desire to see their heroes fight live overcame any fear and so the tickets almost sold out by themselves.

Great news for an AEW pay-per-view

As reported by Chris Jericho on Busted Open Radio, All Out which is scheduled for September 5 at the NOW Arena in Chicago has sold out. Tickets went on pre-sale on Thursday 8 July with the public not hesitating to buy them.

In fact, today 9 July they are already sold out with obviously the company that is happy with the thing. All Out will be the first AEW PPV to be shot outside the Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida since AEW Revolution was made in February 2020.

The previous two All Outs, that of 2019 and that of 2020, had been made in Chicago and Jacksonville respectively, so only one of the two really saw the light before one of the most difficult periods in history broke out. Now the company will finally have a chance to redeem itself.

The hope is obviously to be able to see a card full of beautiful matches that can kick off a "new" series of pay-per-view aimed at normalizing the presence of the live audience in support of all the people who have never stopped to be able to give us those hours of lightness necessary.

Andrade also shared his thoughts about a proposed idea to reform one of his old factions. Charlotte and four other wrestling personalities were named as potential members of the group.