Eric Bischoff Speaks About AEW Managers and How AEW Can Improve

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Eric Bischoff Speaks About AEW Managers and How AEW Can Improve

Eric Bischoff is a former WCW President, and he spoke about AEW’s managers. AEW formed in 2019, and since then have been using managers quite regularly during their shows. For example, Arn Anderson is currently managing Cody Rhodes.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is managing Lance Archer. Eric spoke about AEW managers on his show, the 83 Weeks Podcast. Eric suggested that AEW should add comedy into the mix of managers. He then recalled Jimmy Hart, who was well known for his attitude back in the day.

He stated that AEW needs managers like Jimmy Hart to add variety.

Eric Bischoff Speaks About how AEW Can Improve Its Managerial Ranks

“Arn, Tully, Jake, these are serious shoot asskicking motherf—ers,” Bischoff said.

“There’s no Jimmy Hart’s in that conversation, there’s no balance. Yes AEW is doing a great job in terms of integrating some of the legends, being one of them occasionally getting to show up and I love that.

Balancing the serious, intense with the high-flying, super athletic ridiculous skill sets but still have some of that goofy sh-t mixed in so that the whole audience is satisfied. Not just the portion of the audience that identifies with one specific era or style of wrestling”.

AEW actually moved back to Wednesday Nights. They had to choose another day due to the NBA Playoffs. Bischoff spoke about the WCW forming the nWo while he had taken a backstead during the 1996 Olympics. “If you allow yourself to take things personally, then yeah you’d be offended that Turner wasn’t more invested in supporting WCW and making sure we had a dedicated team of freelancers that already understood our product and all that,” Eric Bischoff said.

“But, business is business and Turner Broadcasting was very invested in the Olympics, it is what it is and you have to make adjustments, that’s the way the world works when you’re on television. You get preempted, there are challenges that you have to face.

Tony Khan is going through it now with AEW or has been with the NBA Playoffs. Vince McMahon used to go through it with the Westminster Dog Show. There’s always things, although you don’t like to hear it, that take priority, for whatever reason, over your product. You can either b---h and whine about it or make the adjustment. We did what we had to do”.