Chris Jericho on Working With Tanahashi in NJPW

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Chris Jericho on Working With Tanahashi in NJPW

Even though Chris Jericho is currently known as one of AEW’s biggest stars. However, he fought a number of different wrestling legends around the world and he recently spoke about working with Tanahashi in NJPW. Chris Jericho had a fantastic run in NJPW.

This was after Jericho left WWE as he believed he wasn’t required there. He spoke about Tanahashi on Busted Open Radio. Jericho fought Tanashi at the Wrestle Kingdom 14. He stated that he enjoyed that match more than his match with Kenny Omega.

Chris Jericho Compares The Undertaker and Tanahashi

“The Tanahashi match is one of my top favorite matches in the honorable matches section,” Jericho said. “That one kind of came out of nowhere. Tana’s been working almost as long as I have, I think he’s been working twenty five years.

And I’ve always heard of Tanahashi, but I never really knew anything about him. And when I went to New Japan, I only did six matches there, but three of them were headlining the Tokyo Dome. 18 was versus Kenny, 19 was versus Naito and 20 was versus Tanahashi.

And each one, like, I think my Tanahashi match was even better than the Kenny match, which is the one that everybody talks about because I knew about Kenny. Kenny and I were obviously both from Winnipeg and there was a connection there.

Plus we’re both Canadian. But with Tana, I really didn’t know”. Jericho revealed that working with Tanahashi was very effortless. He stated that Tanahashi reminded him a lot about working with The Undertaker.

Jericho has worked with The Undertaker several times during his career. “When you get in the ring with him (Tanahashi), wow,” Chris Jericho said. “He is so good, I’m smiling just thinking about it. What it actually reminded me of was the first time I ever worked with Undertaker, who I did not work with until I had been in the WWE for about ten, twelve years.

We just never were on the same show and never really crossed paths. And to be in there with a guy like that was just unbelievable, like ‘oh my gosh it’s all true. It’s true! Everything you hear about The Undertaker is true!

He’s really that good.’ And that was the same way I felt about Tanahashi. We just had so much fun being in there together and it was such a blast. He’s so smooth. People think that the Japanese style is dumping each other on each other’s heads and all that stuff, it’s not the case at all.

It was really just a great match and like I said, it helped sell out the Tokyo Dome that year. When we did the two nights in Tokyo, it was the second night My last match in New Japan, maybe ever. Who knows if we’ll ever go back. But if that’s the last one, what a way to go out”.