Malakai Black Speaks About Original Character Plans

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Malakai Black Speaks About Original Character Plans

Malakai Black, fka Aleister Black, is a brand new AEW superstar and he recently spoke about his original character plans in AEW. He was actually a very popular WWE star when he worked as Aleister Black in WWE. he was recently released along with many other WWE Superstars.

In fact, many people were surprised that Black was released. Black appeared on Zelina Vega’s Twitch Channel, about the original vignette that he had planned before his AEW debut and the one that he released on his social media account.

He revealed that he actually wanted to use his current character in WWE, but Triple H has other plans for his character.

Malakai Black Speaks about His Current AEW Character

“It’s funny. The reason I did this is that this is actually how I wanted the WWE version to be,” shared Black.

“When I started, I wanted to come in as a heel and Hunter [Triple H] wanted my face. If anyone has ever seen any work of me on the independents, you would know that the gimmick I was portraying in the WWE was an amplified version of what I did on the indies.

That’s why they wanted me. But I wanted to be a heel because I was coming off a heel run on the independents. But then Hunter had this idea of making me face, a stoic face character. “So, I had to switch the character from being this obnoxious, sadistic, possessed by a demon guy, to the same possessed by a demon/devil guy, but then having remorse, and I have to find the middle ground with that.

And I had to find the middle ground in that and how would someone who is [like] that [could] find remorse and show remorse by being stoic and having a problem expressing his emotions”. He also spoke about the Biblical inspirations behind his character.

He stated that his current name has a double meaning. “I was looking for an Old Testament name and I found one that had a double meaning,” said Malakai Black. “I was a big fan of Children of the Corn when I grew up and I felt that, with the character, [the name] kind of fit”.