AEW officially signs The Varsity Blonds

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AEW officially signs The Varsity Blonds

All Elite Wrestling is increasingly enriching its roster, including legends, established superstars and new talents, Khan's company is expanding, trying to provide a more varied product. Lately, for example, we have witnessed the debut of Arn Anderson's son, Brock, supported by his father and Cody Rhodes, but then there was also the arrival of two former WWE superstars, namely Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black (ex-Aleister Black).

Surely the more time passes, the more AEW tries to establish itself in the professional wrestling territory, always bringing new faces and trying, even with the fact that it is finally back on tour, to bring as many athletes as possible in front of as many people as possible, also rightly, to make them known perhaps to those who have never seen them before, or in the case of rookies, to make them discover directly to the world.

Recently, news came of the official signing of two young guys who are ready to show everyone what they can do in the ring and have chosen the All Elite as their home to work: the Varsity Blondes.

AEW signs two young talents

Brian Pillman Jr., son of wrestling legend Brian Pillman, and Griff Garrison, who together form the Varsity Blondes group, have officially signed with All Elite Wrestling.

The news was confirmed by the company on its social media. The two are part of this American college-style trio, along with Julia Hart who accompanies them as manager. According to Fightful Select, Pillman was just waiting for his deal with MLW to expire to sign with AEW.

So now both guys have signed a full-time contract that will often bring them to our screens in the various weekly shows that AEW offers us. The two battled regularly around the time of the pandemic, with Garrison making his first appearance at the company in June 2020, while Pillman the month after.

At the end of September, they were united as Varsity Blondes and it seems that this union of theirs will go on for a while longer. Kenny Omega was the legal man after AEW came back from the commercial. Limelight hit a springboard hurricanrana and went for the tag but Omega stopped him in his tracks.

Limelight hit back with an enzuigiri and both men tagged out. Pillman and Anderson came in as the legal men. The Varsity Blondes double-teamed Anderson but it wasn't enough for the pin. Omega and The Good Brothers then isolated Griff Garrison in the middle of the ring.

Anderson caught him with a running boot but it only got a near fall. Limelight tagged himself in and was met by a Spinebuster. The Good Brothers followed it up with a Magic Killer to Danny Limelight for the win.