Ethan Page Speaks About Disliking Darby Allin

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Ethan Page Speaks About Disliking Darby Allin

Ethan Page recently appeared on Oral Sessions to speak about Darby Allin and AEW. Ethan Page is one of All Elite Wrestling’s top stars. He is currently feuding with Sting and Darby Allin. Ethan Page’s tag team partner is Scorpio Sky.

Ethan Page is also a former ROH Star. He was a very well-known superstar there and regularly fought the best stars in that promotion. Page stated that he dislikes Darby Allin a lot, although his reason for disliking him seems like a joke.

The host asked him why he turned evil all of a sudden.

Ethan Page Explains Why He Dislikes Darby Allin

“What do you mean what changed?” Page asked rhetorically. “I’ve always kind of been a piece of s--t with people I dislike.

And Darby Allin is definitely one of those people I strongly dislike. He also only paints half his face. I only like to be friends with people who paint all of their face”. Ethan also stated that he wouldn’t mind ending Sting’s career as Sting is friends with Darby Allin.

Sting saved Darby Allin in the past a few times. “If Sting keeps his nose in my business I have no problem whipping his ass for the rest of his career, which I’m sure won’t be that long,” Page said.

“But more legends? I don’t know because there’s so many backstages at AEW. I feel like just watching around, Ego’s Edging like Arn Anderson into catering. Like that would be entertaining. Jake the Snake gave me a clothesline on my debut.

I did not like that so I owe him a bit of a receipt”. Ethan Page also asked the host which tag teams does the host want Ethan Page to fight. The host stated that they would like to see Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky fight The Best Friends.

After that, Ethan started ranting about Orange Cassidy. “See I would love to beat up Orange Cassidy,” Ethan Page said. “It pisses me off that he’s cornered the market on denim, especially since he’s not Canadian and he wears a Canadian tuxedo on a regular basis.

And I want to wear more denim, but I feel like if I do all the little nerds online are going to be like ‘oh you can’t wear that. That’s Orange Cassidy’s outfit.’ And it pisses me off because I am a man of fashion”.