Is CM Punk in Negotiations with All Elite Wrestling?

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Is CM Punk in Negotiations with All Elite Wrestling?

CM Punk is, without doubt, one of the most popular WWE heel wrestlers of all time and according to a report, he might be negotiating with AEW to make his in-ring return. CM Punk was well known for his mic work and in-ring work.

He used to cut extremely good promos. In fact, some of those promos were so good that they completely took over the internet. CM Punk was also a great worker in the ring. The legendary Bret Hart has praised him several times. CM Punk has been very vocal about the problems that he had with the WWE when he was working for them.

In fact, CM Punk stated several times that Vince McMahon was making bad decisions which would eventually drive the company into the ground. Although that has not been the case yet, many hardcore wrestling fans have questioned a few decisions that Vince McMahon has taken recently, including releasing some of WWE’s top superstars.

CM Punk Possibly In Talks With AEW To Make in-ring Return

CM Punk might be planning to make an in-ring return at AEW. This is according to a report from Fightful. The report states that CM Punk has not signed a contract yet, so he isn’t officially an AWE Superstar yet.

According to the same report, many wrestling promotions are after CM Punk. There were reports that even WWE was open to having CM Punk signed again as they need all the star power that they can, as the pandemic is mostly over in WWE.

CM Punk has stated in previous interviews that he would never join the WWE again. CM Punk might be returning to the WWE again as he hasn’t been successful in the world of MMA. CM Punk has fought twice in the UFC. However, he lost one match, whereas one was ruled a no contest.

CM Punk’s last match took place in 2014. CM Punk left the company even though he was scheduled to fight Triple H at WrestleMania that year and get the victory over him, according to his interview with Colt Cabana. CM Punk simply left the company as he did not feel that they were handling him well and he stated that he badly wanted to be part of a WrestleMania main event. That never happened and due to creative differences, CM Punk simply quit the company.