*Spoiler* Chavo Guerrero makes his AEW debut

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*Spoiler* Chavo Guerrero makes his AEW debut

In recent weeks, WWE has focused a lot on putting on the most amazing and grandiose shows possible, also given the return on the road of the company, which has thus seen for the first times return to fill the arenas full of fans, after a full year of shows held behind closed doors.

To surprise their fans, however, not only the WWE of McMahon thought about it, but also the AEW of the Khan family, who wanted to keep up to the last second the maximum confidentiality on various debuts and arrivals on his rings, such as the one by Aleister Black, who is now called Malakai Black, who debuted only a few episodes ago of Dynamite, in the TNT ring.

Apparently, however, the grandiose debuts would not end there, with the last episode aired on the night of the flagship show of the number two company of America, which brought other important news to the AEW roster, including the arrival of a former historic couple champion of the McMahon family, with a truly legendary name.

During an interview on the Chris Van Vliet show, Chavo Guerrero discussed how Vince McMahon approached him following Eddie Guerrero's death to discuss how they should proceed with the upcoming show. After seeing Andrade's on-screen debut, not so surprisingly, after seeing him challenge Kenny Omega for the AAA world champion title, the Mexican wanted to be joined by a true living legend of Mexican pro-wrestling and American, or Chavo Guerrero Jr, well known in the WWE rings, especially for the various feuds he had with his uncle Eddie, the late wrestler never left the memory and the hearts of the fans.

Chavo Guerrero makes his AEW debut

Just the nephew of the WWE Hall of Famer, made his debut in the Dynamite rings this night, going to present himself to the public as the new spokesperson for Andrade, who will then replace Vickie Guerrero, with the microphone in his hand next to the former NXT Champion.

Apparently, already in his debut, Chavo Guerrero had to face three of the most bitter heel of the federation, with the trio Pac, Pentagon and Fenix ​​who immediately took up against Andrade and against his new spokesman, who will have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks, who knows if only on the microphone or even act in the ring.

Does Andrade El Idolo have a surprise in store tonight on AEW Dynamite? His latest tweet this afternoon certainly implies that he does. This afternoon, ahead of the "Fyter Fest Night Two" special episode of AEW Dynamite, Andrade El Idolo took to social media to tease a surprise for tonight's show.