A fan attempts to attack Chris Jericho

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A fan attempts to attack Chris Jericho

Unfortunately, it still happens every now and then, that some troubled pro-wrestling fan tries to get on a ring of the company of the Khan family or those of the McMahon family, to show off or even to attack one of the Superstars who are performing on the square, without a valid reason and above all risking the neck bone in front of an athlete and professional wrestler.

Even in the night, Chris Jericho and MJF had to contend with a fan who probably tried to attack them, but was immediately kicked out of the arena and also risked taking several punches from the former AEW World Champion, Jericho, quite angry about it.

It is not the first time in the history of the discipline that a fan has been hit by an athlete intent on working in the ring, with Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, Kevin Owens and many others, who in the course of their careers have impressed several fans, intent on wanting to attack them in the middle of the ring.

Security foils the attack on Chris Jericho

While the two AEW ring protagonists, MJF and Chris Jericho were busy carrying out their Dynamite ring promos, with Jericho still playing his entry music with the audience, Dynamite's cameras had a jolt, when an unidentified character entered the frame very close to Jericho.

Obviously, with the shift of the frame we immediately understood that it was not something predefined by the AEW, but a real interference from a fan. The security is obviously triggered immediately, blocking the fan, with Y2J who also tried to hit him several times in the face, as a sign of defence, but also annoyed by the thing, while instead MJF yelled into the microphone to the rest of the audience, asking if someone wanted to have more, going to annoy the two in the ring.

Once again, nothing has happened, but in several episodes in the course of history, even recent, the Superstars of AEW and WWE have risked getting really hurt, with someone attacking them from behind, as happened in one of the latest editions of the McMahon Hall of Fame, where Bret Hart was literally landed by a fan, for no reason whatsoever.

The second night of AEW Fyter Fest kicked off with Chris Jericho facing Shawn Spears in the first Labour Of Jericho. The stipulation said that Le Champion couldn't use a chair while Spears could. The match started with Jericho quickly taking down Shawn Spears with a clothesline.

He went for a springboard dropkick but had a chair thrown in his face. Spears then focused his attack on Jericho's arm for a bit. Chris Jericho climbed up to the top turnbuckle but Spears quickly met him there and hit him with an overhead throw onto the mat.