RUSH doesn't hold back from a big challenge

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RUSH doesn't hold back from a big challenge

RUSH and Andrade are longtime friends who often also go on vacation together with their respective families, but on the work plan it obviously becomes a whole other story, because we know that in war (and in love) everything is lawful.

By now we all know that Kenny Omega has been filled with gold, but not with jewels, with belts, in fact he currently carries with him the AEW, IMPACT and AAA Lucha Libre belts. But soon he could lose the one of the last company mentioned at the hands of Andrade.

In fact Andrade El Idolo, after the release from the WWE, has publicly launched a challenge to the champion he accepted and the match will take place on August 14 at TripleMania XXIX, with many who give the Mexican as a favorite.

But if Andrade fails, who could contend with Omega and rip his belt off? The answer comes directly from RUSH.

RUSH didn't handle his own negotiations with WWE

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, the Mexican wrestler said the following: “If Andrade doesn't win, I'll take the title away from Kenny Omega.

If I go into the ring with Omega, I'll take his title and make it very clear who is number one in the ring. " As we know Andrade made his debut in AEW, but by contract he asked for the possibility of collaborating with other companies, in fact he has a very busy summer that sees him touring all over the United States, often accompanied by Charlotte Flair, his girlfriend.

RUSH doesn't rule out that we might also see him in Ring Of Honor: “After everything we've been through, we've become brothers. So at some point Andrade might come. People will see something different if Andrade comes to Ring Of Honor.

If that happens, there won't be anyone who can stop LFI [La Faccio Ingobernables]." Who knows if in the end RUSH and Andrade will be opponents and how once they will find themselves sharing the square as allies.

While something like this is not out of the ordinary, it could also be another reason why the two sides couldn't reach a deal with other forces getting involved along the way. Giri believes that ROH has either already signed RUSH or the terms for a new deal have already been finalized.

Either way, it doesn't seem like RUSH will be leaving his current company anytime soon. It will be interesting to see what other free agent signings that WWE looks to secure in 2021, with the wrestling world being much different than it was just one year ago.