Peter Avalon Speaks About The Librarian Character

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Peter Avalon Speaks About The Librarian Character

Peter Avalon is part of the AEW Wingman and he spoke about his 'The Librarian' character on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast. Peter is not one of the more well-known indie wrestlers that are currently working at AEW right now.

He shared how he ended up with the company. “It was at a wrestling show in LA. I want to say C.D. (Christopher Daniels) and The [Young] Bucks told me about it,” Avalon recalled. “Cody had slid into my DMs at one point to tell me to kind of reserve in May of 2019, didn’t tell me any details.

He just said, ‘Hey, kind of keep it available,’ and I said, ‘Sure.’ And then I kind of got details from The Bucks."

Peter Avalon Speaks About the Original Plan for The Librarian Character

“They told me about the ‘The Librarian’ idea and what they wanted to do, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m glad you came to me with something.’ They kind of put it as ‘something silly that we think only you could get over,’ and they had very vague details.

It was like, ‘You work at a library and you shush people. That’s the gist of it, and we think you could get something like that over.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, absolutely.' ” He spoke about the original plans about the character before Bates was brought into the picture.

“You know how brainstorming goes in wrestling goes and everything, it’s a discussion, and everything changes as the day go on,” Peter Avalon noted. “The way that they were gonna introduce ‘The Librarian was via a contest, like a fan contest.

Submit your video, a librarian promo and a bunch of people did it. What they were originally going to do was that I won it. I became ‘The Librarian’. I didn’t do a video, so it was going to be this whole thing, and I think they assumed that it would not get a positive reaction that way.

The Leva Bates video did so well that that’s why she was considered, and then they just put us together, which was great. Legitimately, a year prior was the first time I had ever met her and worked with her because I had wrestled her in Los Angeles in a tag match, and I thought she was great.

I thought she was a great person, and now, a year later, getting to be paired up with her and work with her, I was like, this is awesome. This is great”.