Peter Avalon on Facing Sonny Kiss on His Debut

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Peter Avalon on Facing Sonny Kiss on His Debut

Peter Avalon is a popular AEW Wrestler and he recently spoke about his AEW debut against Sonny Kiss. He was on the AEW Unrestricted podcast when he spoke about this. Peter’s first character was The Librarian. He shared details about his debut and AEW President Tony Khan’s reaction to it.

Peter’s debut was at Fight for The Fallen. This is what he said about his debut and when he found out that he will make his debut.

Peter Avalon on Making His Debut at Fight For The Fallen

“I don’t remember when I found out,” Avalon admitted.

“I know I was excited about it, and I remember that day. I was hyped. I was nervous. I was like, this is great. I’m ready. I’m so stoked. I don’t remember exactly when I found out though. It’s all a blur and watching it back, the jib shots coming in, zooming in and then watching me just strut out, I was like, this is the coolest thing ever.

Walking out, I had no music. “I’ve always had entrance music I can kind of shake my ass to. This was a new thing. I’m going to come out, and it’s just silence. This also was before we had figured out to shush people during the entrance, so I came out to just silence, and then the crowd saw me and Leva and they just booed the hell out of us.

And when we got that reaction, I felt really, really good about myself, and then I thought the rest of the match went well, so I remember enjoying it. I remember coming to the back. “I remember Tony being hyped so hyped for me and the match.

It felt really good. He was so stoked. He stood up over the seat. He yelled, ‘Hell yeah! Peter Avalon! Championship Wrestling From Hollywood! Hell yeah! Great job!’. And he started putting over me and my television background just yelling in my face, and it’s like, okay, great, this is a great way to start my time here and a great way to start the show”.

He then spoke about his character being changed to “Pretty” Avalon and Cody Rhodes’ hand in that change. “He absolutely had a hand in the direction that we went with at AEW,” Peter Avalon said.

“‘Pretty Peter’ is just me. That’s just the way I live my life. I’ve been ‘Pretty Peter’ — I’m in my 13th year of wrestling now, that’s pretty much what I’ve done.

For a little bit, I switched over to a gimmick called ‘Professional Peter’, and then when I was running the Arizona television show, I was ‘Producer Peter.’ So I kind of keep a theme, but I’ve always been pretty.

But Cody for sure had a hand in the energy change that we went to with the whole model walk off and loving not only myself but loving just beauty and everyone and kind of leaning in more so in that direction and stuff like that.

And I appreciate Cody really diving in and helping me find a direction to kind of go with it, instead of just being a generic, pretty boy”.