Jim Ross on AEW Signing A Number of Former WWE Stars

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Jim Ross on AEW Signing A Number of Former WWE Stars

Jim Ross is a legendary wrestling commentator and he recently spoke about AEW signing a huge number of former WWE Stars. AEW has received some criticism over the past few days for signing a number of different WWE Stars. Many of the stars that they signed are past their primes.

AEW also hasn’t produced a star on their own. They have only capitalized on signing famous indie wrestlers and former WWE stars. Jim Ross stated that the criticism is incorrect and AEW has a few stars that they have produced entirely on their own.

Jim Ross Shoots Down Criticism Towards AEW For Signing Former WWE Wrestlers

“It’s a weak argument,” Ross said. “I don’t agree with that, I’m not knocking WWE, it’s not my charge in life to criticize the WWE, I had 26 years there in WWE.

I don’t feel like we’re in a wrestling war, the war is AEW vs. itself. Getting our young guys to continue to evolve and get better. I think we are seeing that. Some of our homegrown kids are starting to find their way.

It’s a big difference between working in PWG or an indie show or working a match on a national television show. It’s a different mindset, it’s a different ball game and a lot of our guys never had that, never played in that ballgame”.

Many hardcore wrestling fans still believe that AEW is going to become the modern-day WCW if they continue to sign WWE stars like this. Many people still believe that All Elite Wrestling is the only wrestling company in the world that can actually beat the WWE one day.

Although that day seems to be very far away, AEW has produced some extremely high-quality matches and Dynamite is doing very well in terms of ratings. AEW is also the only alternative that wrestling fans have that do not like WWE’s product anymore.

It has also been reported that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have signed with AEW. If this is true, then AEW will most likely have a huge boost in ratings as many WWE fans would switch over to AEW to watch these two, almost legendary stars, perform at AEW.

AEW also signed The Big Show and Mark Henry in non-wrestling roles. This was mainly done to help the younger AEW wrestlers that may need guidance from the veteran wrestlers.