Jim Ross on AEW Acquiring Malakai Black

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Jim Ross on AEW Acquiring Malakai Black

Legendary professional wrestling commentator, Jim Ross recently spoke about Malakai Black being acquired by AEW. Malakai Black was known as Aleister Black in WWE and was a very popular wrestler there. Black was released as part of WWE’s budget cuts, which even saw the popular Braun Strowman being released.

Jim Ross actually never met Black before that day. He in fact didn’t even know that Black was signed.

Jim Ross on AEW Signing the Popular Star Malakai Black

“I didn’t see him all day, I’ve never met him in my life and didn’t meet him before the show,” Jim Ross said.

“I knew the rumblings that we’ve got some surprises tonight and I’ve been very adamant with my associates and peers that I don’t need to know that information. Now that may come off as arrogant, but for me to be real, natural and spontaneous, I don’t need to know it, I don’t need to precondition myself.

It loses the magic. I don’t need to know any finishes, the day I can’t interoperate a finish and how it works out, when I can’t do that then somebody else will be sitting in the chair in the middle [of the announce team].

Malakai is a big acquisition for us and I’m glad he’s on our team. I’m very surprised that WWE let him slip away, I don’t know all the backstory for that stuff. I don’t know, but I know we’re lucky we have him, he’s a unique talent.

Looks like his first dancing partner is going to be Cody, and they’ll have a hellacious run I think. Both are young and hungry, Cody is one of my favorites in and out of the ring and that’s because I was so close to his father, I feel compelled even though he’s never asked me to, to look out for him a bit.

That will be a hell of a run whenever it is. I think Tony Khan has some other surprises I hear coming up. Tony’s been very aggressive, much like the Trevor Lawrence draft pick. He’s shooting for the moon with a lot of guys and I think we’re going to be loaded up for Summer and Fall and keep getting stronger”.