Cody Rhodes' announces birth of daughter

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Cody Rhodes' announces birth of daughter

It had been in the air for a few days already and finally, the happy event has arrived. In the past few hours, Cody Rhodes has wanted to inform the whole world that his wife Brandi Rhodes, whose real name is Brandi Alexis Reed, has given birth to their first child, a daughter.

After years spent in the WWE rings together, he, in the role of wrestler and she in the role of interviewer, the couple has finally fulfilled their dream of starting a family. With a message that came like a flash on his Instagram page, Cody wanted to share how he's in seventh heaven with the birth of his daughter, who's been named, Liberty Iris Runnels.

Cody Rhodes is the "Grandson Of A Plumber"

Thanks to the sweet photo shown by dad Cody Rhodes on his social profile, we learn that both the mother and the newborn baby are very well after giving birth, a sign that everything went great and fortunately there were no complications.

Obviously, the best wishes and congratulations have already arrived from all Cody's colleagues and fans from all over the globe, who wanted to make this moment even more special, clogging with comments the photo posted by the vice president of All Elite Wrestling, who has already made it known that the little girl will not remain an only child in several past interviews.

Cody Rhodes was in WWE for a decade before taking off to dominate the world's indie wrestling scene and becoming ROH World Champion. After training in OVW, Rhodes came to the main roster and was programmed in a partnership with Hardcore Holly for a bit and carried the World Tag Team Championships before joining Legacy which brings us to our first chapter in Cody Rhodes' WWE story.

In the spirit of Evolution, Randy Orton formed Legacy. They were a stable where Orton was the veteran and brought along Cody Rhodes for the ride.