The daughter of a former WWF referee is training with Cody Rhodes

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The daughter of a former WWF referee is training with Cody Rhodes

Does the name Earl Hebner mean anything to you? Yes, he is the most controversial referee in wrestling history. Earl Hebner spent more than thirty years as a wrestling referee, starring in some very questionable episodes when he was working for Vince McMahon.

Two above all are the most memorable ones: he who takes the place of his twin in the match titled at The Main Event 1988 between Hulk Hogan and André The Giant giving the victory to the giant despite Hogan's raised shoulder and obviously the even more famous Screwjob of Montreal when he rang the bell by feigning Bret Hart's surrender to rival Shawn Michaels' Sharpshooter.

But luckily now we talk about him for something positive, together with the family, in fact, after his son also started to be part of the wrestling world, it didn't take long for his daughter to follow this path too. Cody Rhodes was still a World Tag Team Champion alongside Hardcore Holly when Ted DiBiase Jr made his WWE debut.

DiBiase claimed that he would have a mystery partner join him to challenge Rhodes and Holly at Night Of Champions in 2008. But when the night came, Rhodes turned on his partner and he and DiBiase won the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Essentially, Rhodes just traded partners and remained the champion which is apparently something people can do. Cody Rhodes continued with Legacy for three years which saw Randy Orton running with WWE's top title. But Cody Rhodes' time at the top was still out of reach as he continued to steal the show.

Katie Hebner is training with Cody Rhodes

Speaking to Pro Wrestling Junkie's microphones, Hebner revealed that his daughter Katie is training in the ring with one of the most influential people in wrestling today, while also naming a wrestler he hopes will inspire her.

“I wanted my son in the business, I don't want my daughter in the business [laughs]. She is training in AEW with Cody Rhodes and Cody is helping her a lot, it's surreal. Hopefully, she will be the next Gail Kim”.

Cody Rhodes, in addition to being one of the top athletes of All Elite Wrestling, also has his own wrestling school where he takes care of management and training, The Nightmare Factory in Atlanta, Georgia. Many of his students have also appeared in AEW accompanying the athlete to the ring and are certainly training to become stars.

We hope that Katie can find her place in the world of wrestling and she can become one of the many female wrestlers to make history in the future.