Kenny Omega on AEW Possibly Working with WWE

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Kenny Omega on AEW Possibly Working with WWE

Kenny Omega is currently working for the famous wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling, and he recently spoke about AEW Possibly working with WWE in the future. Many people believe that AEW is actually the only wrestling promotion in the world that can beat WWE in the future.

In fact, AEW and WWE started an era called the Wednesday Night Wars. The war started when NXT and AEW Dynamite took place every Wednesday Night. This started in 2019 and ended this year as NXT does not take place on Wednesday anymore.

Kenny Omega Speaks About AEW And WWE Possibly Working Together in The Future

Kenny Omega appeared on the Wrestling Observer Radio. He is currently carrying a number of different titles, and some of them are not even AEW titles.

He is the current AEW World Champion and regularly fights at Impact Wrestling as well. AEW has already worked with a number of promotions in the past, including Impact Wrestling and AAA. He spoke about opening the floodgates to create such opportunities for AEW.

“I really wanted to kind of wanted to open the floodgates and show what it’s like when people play nice with one another,” Omega said. “I really think this is a situation where only the fans win”.

AEW and WWE have never worked together. In fact, WWE actually pretends like AEW doesn’t exist, even though AEW is the only other top promotion in the US right now. According to Omega, AEW is not going to work with WWE anytime soon as WWE will not be open to that.

“The one huge crossover, will you ever see WWE team up with anybody?” Omega asked. “Who knows? I feel as the world evolves and changes and time goes by, people become more open-minded to everything, whether it be the wrestlers themselves, people in the office, the fans.

“I wouldn’t hold my breath but at the same time I would never say it’s impossible”. Kenny Omega has spoken about the idea of WWE and AEW partnering up in the future before during several interviews as well.

However, Omega also stated that they should only work together when the time is right. AEW has signed a number of popular former WWE stars. Some of the stars that signed with AEW are the ones that were fed up and wanted to leave the company. Some others were the ones that were released by the WWE.