Stephen Amell Comments on CM Punk Possibly Returning

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Stephen Amell Comments on CM Punk Possibly Returning

Stephen Amell is most well-known for his role in the popular TV Series, Arrow. He recently spoke about CM Punk possibly returning to professional wrestling by signing with All Elite Wrestling. CM Punk is on top of the wrestling world right now as it has been rumored that he will sign with AEW.

Stephen Amell co-starred with CM Punk in Heels. Stephen Amell recently appeared on The Busted Open Radio to promote Heels. Amell probably knows what Punk’s future plans are, however, he did not share them. On the podcast, he first spoke about working with CM Punk.

Stephen Amell Speaks About CM Punk Possibly Joining AEW

“It was a real blessing,” Amell said. “We had, originally, another actor, not a wrestler, really good guy, set for the role of Ricky Rabies. Scheduling wise it ended up not working out and then all of a sudden it’s like ‘we’ve got CM Punk on this show? Really?’ I get to train with him a little bit.

“Phil was so great, in and out of the ring, that we ended up bringing him back for the finale. Ricky Rabies and Jack Spade share some bonding moments, mostly with Phil on the toilet, but it still counts”. CM Punk has not stated clearly whether he will actually sign with AEW or not.

Tony Khan, the President of AEW, has also not given a straight answer. Amell didn’t give a clear answer as well. “I don’t want to betray stuff that I’ve talked about with Phil,” Amell said. “I actually texted him when all this stuff broke, like ‘you coming back?’ And he sent me back a photo of a cat shrugging.

Look, anything, as a general rule, anything in the world of pro wrestling that is going to piss Vince McMahon off and get his competitive juices flowing is probably good for business. Maybe great. “The only thing that I know for sure is that Phil can still go, for sure.

He’s in great shape. I would love to see those guys show up in AEW or WWE. Phil vs. Triple H, you name it. It be great”. CM Punk is one of the most famous WWE heel superstars of all time. He has, however, stated in many previous interviews that he did not want to return to professional wrestling.