WWE TV Partners Do Not Like CM Punk Potentially Joining AEW

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WWE TV Partners Do Not Like CM Punk Potentially Joining AEW

According to various reports that have surfaced, CM Punk’s arrival in AEW will not be taken lightly by WWE’s TV partners. WWE TV Partners include people from FOX and NBCUniversal/USA Network. AEW recently had their Fight for the Fallen edition aired.

It was a special edition of AEW Dynamite and during that show, CM Punk was teased several times. They gave a very strong indication that CM Punk will return very soon. It is expected that CM Punk will return for AEW’s special event in Chicago that will take place in the United Center in August.

These teases were made just hours after the rumors about CM Punk possibly signing with AEW started spreading.

WWE TV Partners Do Not Like CM Punk Potentially Joining AEW

A major update came through the Mat Men Podcast. According to the update, the WWE Network partners are surprised that AEW managed to pull off the CM Punk deal, even though it is not official.

According to that update, the partners do not know the inner workings of a wrestling promotion. That is the reason why they do not know why WWE let CM Punk slip away. According to another report, WWE is not concerned about CM Punk joining another promotion.

They do realize that CM Punk will be a huge signing for All Elite Wrestling, who at the moment is on a roll after signing some of the best former WWE wrestlers that they can get their hands on. With all that being said, The WWE does see losing Daniel Bryan to AEW as a big loss.

It was noted that adults and kids like Bryan. He also has extremely good merchandise sales. Bryan is part of the Total Bellas reality show and his comeback story is a very good one. His wife, Brie Bella, who is also a WWE Hall of Famer has been a strong ambassador for the company.

Even Bryan himself was one. WWE officials are also reportedly upset that they lost Daniel Bryan, who was still one of their biggest stars, even though his health is far from perfect. There are also rumors that indicate Vince McMahon is very upset at AEW getting Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

According to various reports, Daniel Bryan will make his AEW debut on the 22nd of September. That will be the Grand Slam edition of Dynamite and will be held in New York City. AEW has so far not released an official report on whether or not they have signed the superstars. However, almost everyone that is connected to the two superstars has indicated that the debuts are expected.