The Bollywood Boyz Speak About Their WWE Release

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The Bollywood Boyz Speak About Their WWE Release

The Bollywood Boyz recently appeared on Wrestling Inc, Daily where they spoke about their WWE release. They were a mid-card tag team in WWE. They were never very popular in the WWE, but they did attract plenty of Indian fans and wrestling is very popular in India.

The group consists of Gurv Sihra and Harv Sihra. According to the group, they were ready for release. “Just normal, to be honest. Even after the release, it’s not like we sat around wondering what’s next,” Gurv said.

“We already know what we’re doing. Even when we got released, we were at training. We train every day. We still go practice and keep ready”.

The Bollywood Boyz Speak About Their WWE Release and AEW

Harv admitted, “It’s actually been kind of freeing.

It’s been relaxing and no stress. It’s been five years going hard and prior to that, 13 years on the independents. This is the first time we’re kind of just chilling, and it’s kind of been nice to be with family and no pressure or stress.

Whatever comes, it’s gonna come, and it’s actually been really, really nice. “What’s funny is that we were traveling and going to tapings throughout the entire pandemic, and now that things are starting to ease off a little bit, here we are sitting at home.

Whereas during the pandemic, we were testing, and doing COVID testing, leaving Canada, entering the States, leaving the States, coming back to Canada. We were getting tested four times a week. It’s more relaxed now. We’re on the up and up.

Our dates (90-day non-compete) pretty firm”. The Bollywood Boyz then spoke about the rise of AEW. According to Harv, AEW has helped change the wrestling landscape. “It’s so important to have options,” Harv pointed out.

“Think back to when WCW folded, I could only imagine what those guys were going through. In the U.S., it wasn’t what it is now. You can make a pretty good living getting out there and reestablishing yourself, but 25 years ago, when WCW folded, there was nothing, and that’s scary.

Now there’s Impact, and AEW, and New Japan, and Pro Wrestling Tees and all these avenues for guys like us. This is our job. This is our livelihood. You can’t just cross over to a different career at this point”. Gurv went on to note, “This is all we know."