Possible Cody Rhodes Retirement Storyline

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Possible Cody Rhodes Retirement Storyline

Cody Rhodes is one of AEW’s top performers and he might be heading into a retirement storyline soon. Cody Rhodes is one of the first members of AEW and he is also working as an Executive Vice President these days. He performs regularly in the ring as well and has already fought some of the AEW’s best superstars.

That being said, Cody recently lost to Malakai Black. Malakai Black was known as Aleister Black in the WWE and is one of AEW’s top signings. Black was one of the many superstars that were recently released by WWE as part of their budget cuts.

People believe that Black could have been a big superstar in WWE if they gave him a chance, which they did not.

Cody Rhodes Loses To Malakai Black and Will Probably Retire

It has been a while since Cody Rhodes actually won a big match in AEW and his recent loss was kind of humiliating.

Cody didn’t last long against Black. The match ended quickly after Black landed his signature spinning kick. He then placed his boot on Cody’s chest to get the win. After the match ended, Tony Schivone entered the ring to get a few comments from Cody.

Cody stated that he decided to leave WWE to seek bigger opportunities elsewhere. He also mentioned that he met The Young Bucks and together they wanted to start AEW. At that time, everybody laughed at them as nobody thought that they would be at any level in the professional wrestling industry.

Cody then went on to indicate that he wants to retire after claiming that he received other opportunities. He also hinted that EVPs are currently infighting. He revealed that it doesn't matter what, he will always be tethered to the other EVPs.

Cody then removed his wrestling boots which in wrestling is a sign of retirement. At that moment, Black returned to the ring and hit Cody with a crutch that was placed at ringside. We do not know for certain whether Black has actually retired Cody or this is part of the storyline.

Cody Rhodes is scheduled to be on the second season of “Go Big Show”. Probably that is the reason why he needs some time off.