What are the future plans for Cody Rhodes?

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What are the future plans for Cody Rhodes?

One of the founders of All Elite Wrestling and builders of the number two company in the United States and the world, as it is today, is the son of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes: Cody Rhodes. The former Intercontinental champion of the McMahon federation, who for years has trod the Stamford square without ever leaving his mark on his career in an important way, has in fact decided 3 years ago to abandon the independent scenes to start "on his own", going to give life to a new reality, called AEW, together with fellow adventurers, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and a few others.

Cody Rhodes was one of the most proactive wrestlers at the beginning of the birth of the AEW, with the co-founder who is also its vice-president and who inaugurated the TNT title in his first titled victory in the ring of the All Elite show.

. Currently, Cody would have entered into a very interesting feud with the other former WWE, Aleister Black, who in the Dynamite rings is now called Malakai Black, who had made his debut in the AEW rings only a few weeks ago, going to attack Rhodes.

Is Cody Rhodes' speech a farewell speech?

Shortly before the last episode of Dynamite aired tonight, Cody Rhodes wanted to post a very special tweet, which seemed like a greeting to the fans of the Jacksonville company, with the content of this tweet which was then also reported on the television screens of Dynamite, after the defeat suffered by the same wrestler, at the hands of Black.

In tonight's episode, fans finally saw the long-awaited face-to-face between Cody and Malakai Black, with the latter sweeping the fray, asphalting his opponent and pinning him after a devastating Black Mass. When all that seemed over, Cody took the microphone in hand to greet the fans, almost with a speech that sounded like a farewell from the wrestler to the fans of the company.

As the wrestler was about to leave his boots in the ring as well, Black retraced his steps and continued to attack Rhodes, behind him. Apparently, the youngest of Dusty Rhodes' sons, should be absent from the scenes now, only to go and shoot some scenes of The Go Big Show for TBS, so he will stay off the schedule for a few weeks, then safely return to the ring.

of Dynamite, as if nothing had happened. No retirement therefore at the moment for him. During his Starrcast 2018 appearance, Cody Rhodes opened up about a six-man tag team match from a Smackdown episode in June 2011. Rhodes was part of The Legacy alongside Ted DiBiase Jr., and the SmackDown match ended with a botched finish.

The match was originally supposed to go on for two segments, but it suffered an abrupt end after four minutes when DiBiase didn't kick out of a routine pinfall.