Nick Gage Comments on Fans Rioting After He Lost

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Nick Gage Comments on Fans Rioting After He Lost

Nick Gage is one of the top stars in GCW right now. He has also worked for AEW, and he recently spoke about Fans Rioting After he lost his match against Matt Cardona. Nick Gage has been extremely successful at GCW as well as in the small number of appearances that he has made at AEW.

The match between Matt Cardona and Nick Gage took place at GCW Homecoming. Cardona won the match and captured the GCW World Title. The fans then started rioting after he lost. Nick Gage revealed on the Wrestling Inc. Daily that he isn’t surprised at the fans reaction.

Nick Gage on Losing the Title to Matt Cardona

“I’ll be honest with you, I was kind of a little out of it after,” Gage said. “He hit me with a couple bundle of tubes man. That kind of put me out, I ain’t going to lie.

So I’m kind of just waking up a little bit and s**t was just flying everywhere man. You know, what do you want me to do man? Control the gang? They’re fired up, they don’t like this guy. This guy comes in here, trying to get off doing a deathmatch, trying to get over because he’s on the indies now or whatever he’s doing.

I don’t know what this guy is doing. And they don’t like that s**t man. I’ll never tell my gang to do whatever man. They can do whatever they want, as long as I’m there”. There were also rumors that suggested there were plants in the stands.

That made the fans throw them into the ring. “That’s all-natural too,” Gage said of the crowd stuff into the ring. “Ain’t nobody setting that s--t up. There ain’t nobody in the crowd throwing one thing so hopefully, other people throw it.

That s**t’s all natural man. We don’t have plants in the crowd or any of that corny ass s**t. That’s all-natural and the fan’s are showing their passion, you know?” Gage stated that he is happy with his performance against Chris Jericho and Matt Cardona.

“I got the job done,” Nick Gage said. “I carved Cardona up. I made that guy lose a lot of blood. That was my main focus and I wouldn’t have lost that title unless RSPussy hadn’t come into the ring and done that corny ass s**t he did.

My main focus right now is not even that title no more. I can care less about that title. Cardona can go do whatever he wants to do with that. Disneyland, take pictures and put it up on his corny ass site and all that stuff. I’m ready for WarGames man. WarGames in Chicago.