Malakai Black on Finding His Way to NXT

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Malakai Black on Finding His Way to NXT

Malakai Black was known as Aleister Black in WWE. He was a rising star in WWE before he was released. Malakai Black is now an AEW superstar and has already won a big match against Cody Rhodes. He recently appeared on Talk is Jericho where he spoke about how he made his way to NXT and started his career in WWE.

Malakai Black Speaks About His Career At NXT

“I got a call from Mr. [William] Regal,” Black recalled. “They had an interest in me because they saw me wrestle in Progress, and Canyon Ceman was also one of the people that contacted me.

I always had a good relationship with Canyon too. I always had a good relationship with Mr. Regal. I got invited to come around, and it wasn’t a tryout. “They were more like, ‘Oh, no, you’re here. We just want to see how you work in a group,’ and I had a lot of fun those two days, on two-day camp, just meeting people, talking to people, getting in the ring, and I was in the ring with Killian Dain or Big Damo from Ireland.

And we did a quick little five – six-minute match before Hunter (Triple H) was like, ‘You guys are good,’ but he just wanted to see us work. It moved on from there, and about five – six months later, I packed up all my things, and I moved from Amsterdam to Orlando, FL”.

He revealed how he came up with his name with Triple H. He also spoke about the inspirations behind his character. “Initially, me and Hunter started talking about a name, and he coined, ‘Allister Black’ and I didn’t want to be, especially because my style is more martial arts, Muay Thai and a little bit of kickboxing, compared to Alistair Overeem,” Malakai Black noted.

“I knew that if I would coin the name ‘Aleister Crowley’, I knew that certain individuals were going to go, ‘Oh, he’s trying to’ and it worked because I got conspiracy things written all about me.

People thought that I was trying to pay homage to the occultist. I just knew that it would get people talking. I knew that people were, for good or bad, going to make references between the occult and that name, and they did and they still do because of all the symbolism that I use, weird connections that I make with my characters towards the darker side of things”.