Matt Cardona Speaks About Nick Gage Match Being a Disaster

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Matt Cardona Speaks About Nick Gage Match Being a Disaster

Matt Cardona recently won the GCW World Title, and he spoke about that match being a disaster. Matt Cardona is actually a former WWE Superstar. He spoke about what happened after his match against Nick Gage. He managed to beat Gage for the title and he shared the story on Oral Sessions.

According to him, GCW did not have any medical staff backstage to help him deal with the injuries that he sustained during his match.

Matt Cardona Speaks About His Match Being a Disaster

“It was a disaster,” Cardona revealed when asked about his post-match wounds and trying to travel back home.

“Believe it or not, there’s no medical staff backstage at GCW. Luckily, there was a nurse who did stitch me up a bit, but all my slices and wounds were exposed. Luckily, my friend Giancarlo (Dittamo) had a hotel room he let me use to shower off, and then he taped towels to me so I could fly home.

He like, dressed me. I went through airport security like that, and I flew right to Anaheim for Disneyland. I was bleeding out on this flight. It would dry, and as I would move, it would rip open again, and there was blood everywhere.

I had to go to a hotel and get cleaned up. I took a bath, and it looked like I was stabbed or stabbed somebody”. He revealed that he actually earned more by selling his merc than he did for the match against Gage. “I sold all my bloody gear.

For big bucks, baby. I sold the boots, the wrist tape, the gloves, the pants, the shirts, all sold separately. [I made] more than I got paid for the match. I got paid a lot for the match, but that’s how much the stuff was going for.

I don’t control the market. It’s supply and demand,” Cardona chuckled. He also stated that he studied Gage’s style of wrestling. However, he didn’t particularly like his style of wrestling. “I heard about Nick Gage.

I’d never seen a full Nick Gage match. Of course, I’ve seen clips,” Matt Cardona revealed on if he knew much about Nick Gage and his style of wrestling. “I tried watching [his] Dark Side of the Ring episode, but I couldn’t get through it because it was too gory and disgusting.

So, I knew, ok, I’m going to bleed in this match. That’s why I wore all white. I did not think my white shirt would turn red. I did not realize there would be pizza cutters and glass. Maybe, I should have done more research”.