Lance Archer Speaks about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Possibly Joining AEW

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Lance Archer Speaks about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Possibly Joining AEW

Lance Archer is a rising star in AEW, and he spoke about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan possibly joining AEW. Lance Archer himself has faced a number of popular starts in AEW right now. He even had some segments with the legendary wrestling icon Sting.

It has been rumored for some weeks that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will join AEW. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is highly speculated that CM Punk will make his AEW debut very soon. CM Punk has not stepped foot inside a wrestling ring for a proper match ever since he quit WWE in 2014.

AEW has also hinted that he has indeed signed with AEW as Darby Allin referred to him during a segment on AEW.

Lance Archer Speaks About CM Punk Possibly Appearing At AEW

“I hear the same rumors you hear. I’m only talent, so I just kind of step in the ring, and if he wants to show up, I’ll gladly kick his butt too,” Archer expressed on the Wrestling Inc.

Daily. “That’s kind of how I view any of the rumors. That just makes it fun for any pro wrestling fan because you hear those rumors, and you just never know who’s gonna show up where, when and how. “It’s just cool for the wrestling fans when they turn on the TV, whether it’s New Japan Pro Wrestling, whether it’s AEW, Impact Wrestling, whatever company they’re choosing to watch right now, and you just never know and I think that’s the fun part.

If he wants to show up, he can show up. I’ll put him on his ass too”. Lance Archer believes that his wrestling journey is very similar to that of Daniel Bryan. “I think he’s one of the best in the world,” Lance Archer said.

“He’s always proven himself time and time again wherever he’s gone. He started in the Texas wrestling scene, kind of pretty much like I did. He went to the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy way back in the day, pretty much around the same time that I got in the wrestling business.

He was making his mark back then as the American Dragon, and then he went on to do what he’s done in the business so far. I think he obviously has goals in the wrestling business, and New Japan Pro Wrestling, AEW and a lot of places have great platforms, so you just never know.

He’s an amazing talent. Wherever he goes, it’s gonna be a good show, but if he shows up and tries to fight me, sorry, bad luck, brother, if he (CM Punk) shows up, he shows up, and I’ll kick his ass too”.