AEW: Kenny Omega and Christian Cage will have a title match

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AEW: Kenny Omega and Christian Cage will have a title match

All Elite Wrestling champion, who is also a heavyweight champion of Impact Wrestling and AAA, Kenny Omega, is now making a dent in every pro-wrestling company he shows up in, winning title after title and honors after honor, beating one opponent after another.

Omega is in fact one of the most victorious athletes of the last years of AEW, so much so that he has never lost his world champion title since his victory against Jon Moxley, now in December last year. If Kenny continues to hold his title for another month, he will also enter the golden roll of the Khan family company, as the longest reign of the AEW world title holding, as Moxley is the current record holder.

and is stopped at 277 days, while Omega is dangerously close to 250 days. While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Christian Cage alluded to that match with Orton. The veteran said he wasn't happy when WWE thought he was "fragile" and put him on the "non-contact list."

"That didn’t sit well with me. Am I really that fragile that I need to be on the non-contact list? So I decided to go on my own and see some specialists here in Tampa at the University of South Florida”.

Kenny Omega will face Christian Cage

After seeing the defeat of Hangman Page last week, suffered in the multi-man match that had to sanction two titled matches in case of victory of the faces, or a match for the world title, with Hangman Page that would thus become n°1 contender for the AEW title and with the Dark Order receiving a title shot for the duo world titles instead, AEW, therefore, had to find a new number one contender for the heavyweight champion title.

It was none other than Christian Cage, legendary ex-WWE wrestler, who came to take up the Kenny Omega challenge, who with his recent victory against The Blade became the first in the rankings of the company, thus arriving by right at the title challenge against the champion.

At the moment, the location of their contest has not yet been announced, but it is very likely that Cage and Omega will compete in the AEW ring at All Out, the next PPV of the Khan company. At the moment, the only two matches that could in all probability take part in the AEW event card in which CM Punk could also make its debut, are Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage for the AEW title and the Casino Battle Royal to 21 women, which will entitle the winner to a future titled chance.