The official AEW Rampage card announced

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The official AEW Rampage card announced

The AEW is putting more and more meat on the fire, by now having a roster to envy the "enemies" of the WWE, with many talents that derive from the company of the McMahons, who have been released in the latest waves of layoffs or who have asked them themselves to be released to the top executives of the Stamford company because they are unhappy with their role in the company.

To ensure that all these Stars can be used properly, AEW also had to put together a second weekly show, as WWE does with Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, which will thus see the debut of AEW Rampage, which will compete with the WWE blue show, on the same day, but in a slightly different time slot.

This Friday, or tomorrow, we will therefore see the debut of this new program with the AEW that is already preparing great matches for the premiere of the show.

AEW raised the bar of their promotion

We're mere days away from the inaugural edition of AEW Rampage.

When AEW stepped foot in a world dominated by global juggernauts like WWE, few thought AEW would pose a formidable threat to them. As it turns out, AEW raised the bar of their promotion in every division. They currently hold arguably the most stacked roster in the world.

On top of that, social media is buzzing over the possible debuts of two former WWE superstars - CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. During the latest episode of Dynamite, with the AEW flagship show remaining that way, even though Tony Khan wanted to clarify that Rampage will be on the same level as TNT's Wednesday night show, Christian Cage showed up in front of Kenny Omega and all his crew, with the former WWE who did not show up alone, but with friends from the Jurassic Express.

In recent days, it had been confirmed that Christian Cage will face Kenny Omega for the absolute title of heavyweight champion, in All Out, on September 5th with the title of AEW World Champion up for grabs. Until then, however, Kenny Omega will not remain calm, since just tonight, it has been confirmed that Omega will also defend the title of Impact Wrestling World Champion, right against Cage, in that of the premiere of Rampage, with the appointment of the next 5 of September, which could even see Omega orphan of two titles and not just one, in the event of a double victory by the former WWE.