Tony Khan Speaks About The Rampage Commentary Team

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Tony Khan Speaks About The Rampage Commentary Team

Tony Khan is the President of AEW and he spoke about AEW Rampage’s commentary team. Many fans expect to see a 4 man commentary team at Rampage every single week. Tony Khan has now confirmed that there won’t always be a 4 man team.

All Elite Wrestling has one TV Show called AEW Dynamite. As a new wrestling promotion, many hardcore wrestling fans and journalists would assume that having one show is enough. However, AEW is growing at a very fast rate, and that is the reason why AEW is going to launch a second show called Rampage, which will feature all of AEW’s top stars.

Tony Khan Speaks About The Commentary Team That Will be At Rampage

AEW has already signed a number of famous wrestlers and most people predict that talent won’t be a problem for AEW. Many years ago, WCW had a huge problem when they started a second TV show as they didn’t have enough talent on their second show.

It appears that AEW has learned from that mistake. Tony Khan stated on the Busted Open Radio that we may see a 4 man commentary team from time to time on Rampage. “Well it’s going to be a four-man booth for part of the show, but it’s not exactly,” Khan said.

“It’s not always going to be a four-man booth. We are going to have four hosts to the show, but because of Busted Open, Mark is in a really unique position. I think he’s a great host, a great interviewer. So I’m going to have Mark roving.

He’s going to stay on his toes, cause I think he’ll be out there with the guys and calling some of the action. But also we’ll call Mark into duty and he’ll do interviews, some sit-downs. And we’ll get different perspectives from Mark, so he’ll be all over the place during the show.

And we’ll get a lot of face time and hear from him a lot”. Tony Khan also made it clear that Chris Jericho will not always be part of the commentary team. “There will be times where I think it will be a three-man booth,” Tony Khan said.

“There might be other times where Jericho would be wrestling and Mark would be in the booth. And I think there will be times it’ll be a three-man booth and times it’ll be a four-man booth. But we really have four hosts to the show, is how I’d say it”.