Lance Archer on Missing an Indie Show

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Lance Archer on Missing an Indie Show

Lance Archer recently spoke about missing an indie show due to his brutal match with Jon Moxley. Lance spoke about it on Wrestling Inc. Daily. Lance Archer is one of AEW’s top stars and currently has the IWGP US Title. Jon Moxley was the previous IWGP champion before Lance Archer.

Jon is known for his brutal wrestling style and he gave Lance Archer a very hard time in the ring in his recent match. Lance revealed that he had to miss an indie show because he was injured.

Lance Archer Speaks Having to Miss an Indie Wrestling Show due to Jon Moxley

“Well, I don’t know if you can see (Archer shows his hand on video), I can’t straighten my hand still,” Archer pointed out.

“It’s a lot better than it was. I posted a picture of the hand. It was swollen. It looked like a big old balloon, and the ring finger on my right hand from punching that trashcan lid, jacked me up pretty good and that was the main thing.

“It was a mutual decision between me and that company. It was just one of those situations. They were gracious enough to understand my situation and knowing where I was going. I had a big match the week following against Hikuleo, and we just basically had a good conversation about the whole situation and we both decided what was best for both the company and for myself”.

Lance spoke about wanting to quit wrestling years ago. So that is why he is happy that he got to be on a big stage like AEW. “It’s always a journey. It’s always work,” Lance Archer stated. “You’re always pushing forward, and there’s gonna be ups and there’s gonna be downs in this business.

I’ve been in it for 21 years, which is an amazing feat by itself and had all these opportunities. I’ve captured gold, a lot of tag team gold in my career, and the IWGP U.S. Championship is one of the first that I’ve had an opportunity to be a singles champion and I captured it for the first time when I was with New Japan and now I’ve captured it in AEW on live Dynamite in Dallas, TX in the main event of the show.

The whole experience was beyond indescribable, and it was just really cool. As I said, it’s always a journey. You’re always moving forward, and that was one of the cap points in my career I guess you could say”.