Jungle Boy Speaks About Former WWE Stars that He Wants to Speak

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Jungle Boy Speaks About Former WWE Stars that He Wants to Speak

Jungle Boy is a famous WWE star and he recently spoke about the former WWE stars that he wants to face in AEW. Jungle Boy has already wrestled some of AEW’s best wrestlers. There are many WWE wrestlers that have been released recently.

Some of them might make their way to AEW. Jungle Boy appeared on Oral Sessions. There he spoke first about signing with AEW and stated that it was one of the best decisions that he made in his life.

Jungle Boy Speaks About Facing His Old Friend in AEW

“It feels kind of wild,” Jungle Boy said.

“I’m glad I got in when I did because I’ve been there kind of since the beginning. You know the past year’s been strange, with everything that went on. I feel like since the people have been back for the last couple of months, everything’s just kind of exploded.

And there’s all this new growth after a weird year. So it’s been real cool and it feels like an exciting time to be not only part of this but a part of wrestling as a whole”. “It feels almost every week there’s something new or someone new popping up.

And it’s really a wild, wild time. I feel years from now we’ll look back on this and say it was a crazy time. But I think it’s exciting because every new person opens up a whole new book of opportunities. I don’t know, it’s really cool to be a part of it”.

Jungle Boy revealed that there are still a number of AEW wrestlers that he wants to face. However, he wishes to fight his old friend that was released from WWE about a week ago. WWE released many other wrestlers as well over the past week.

“I mean, all the big names I would say,” Jungle Boy said. “Those are guys I used to watch and that would be super cool. For me, my best friend actually, his name is Jake Atlas, he just got laid off this last round of layoffs.

And so far I’ve had some of the best matches of my career with him, a lot of those being on the indies. So I think, for me, it would be cool to do that again on a bigger stage maybe. We’ll see, fingers crossed”.