Jim Ross Speaks About WWE Releasing Bray Wyatt

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Jim Ross Speaks About WWE Releasing Bray Wyatt

Jim Ross is a former WWE commentator and he recently spoke about WWE releasing Bray Wyatt. In fact, Jim Ross is a legendary professional wrestling commentator and he is currently working for AEW. He is also AEW’s senior advisor.

WWE has been releasing a number of popular wrestlers over the past few months. Some of the wrestlers that got released were actually very popular. WWE recently released Bray Wyatt, who was a very popular wrestler. That has shocked many fans and journalists.

Jim Ross Speaks About Bray Wyatt Being Released by WWE

According to Jim Ross, it made sense for WWE to let him go. Ross stated that Wyatt might have been making around $1 million a year, and he was not being used by the WWE to justify that kind of pay.

“There’s politics nowadays because of the immense salaries,” Ross said. “Bray Wyatt gets cut, he’s got to be making north of a million on a downside guarantee and he’s been sitting home.

That’s not good management. “I’m not saying the guy should’ve been cut, he should’ve been used if you’re going to pay him that kind of cash. How that happened is a story for another day because I don’t know the details.

I do know they got rid of a very talented kid and I’m sure he won’t have any issues finding work, speaking of Bray Wyatt”. Ross then spoke about why he believes AEW should not add more titles to the company.

AEW currently has three major titles that wrestlers can win. There have been talks about adding more titles in the future. “AEW doesn’t have a Junior Heavyweight Title, I’m not advocating it either,” Jim Ross said.

“Too many titles really spoils the soup for me, you don’t need that many. I heard somebody say the other day they hoped AEW had a six-man tag title and I wouldn’t be against it but it wouldn’t be something I’d be breaking my door down and running up and down the halls for.

It’s hard to maintain a positive focus on multiple titles. Which one is the most important? I think that the trend nowadays is let’s just add more titles, it’ll solve our issues. No, it doesn’t and if you get too many they become watered down.

I’m very proud of the fact that in AEW we have three primary titles. One for the women and then two singles titles for the men. I think that’s about right, if you’re a female competitor you know what your goal is.

The TNT title that Miro is holding is certainly one that is reminiscent of a TV Title in my opinion. I’m not lessening it, that’s just what it reminds me of. Of course, the big title is the one Kenny Omega is holding, I think we’re doing that right. Just adding titles to make talent happy is really bullsh**."