CM Punk Reveals The Ice Cream Bar Idea

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CM Punk Reveals The Ice Cream Bar Idea

CM Punk recently made his long-awaited AEW debut and he spoke about the ice cream bar idea. On AEW Rampage: First Dance, every person in the audience got a free ice cream bar. During the post-show media scrum, CM Punk spoke about whose idea was that.

“The ice cream bars were me,” Punk said. “That’s Andy Kaufman. I used to do it all the time when I’d do Q&A’s at comic-cons and stuff like that. I would bring people donuts and pizza. These ice cream bars, to me, represent an idea.

An idea that was gift-wrapped to people that didn’t bother to take the time to try and understand their audience. “This is the easiest home run I’ve ever hit and this is a legit thank you. Jon Lester came to the Chicago Cubs and won us a trophy, won us a World Series.

He got traded away and he opened up a tab at a bunch of bars as a way to say thank you to the fans. This is my way of saying thank you to the fans”.

CM Punk talks about the Ice Cream Bar Idea at Rampage

CM Punk also spoke about why he returned, but not in great detail.

CM Punk didn’t reveal why he returned right now, even though AEW did want to hire him before they launched. “Nobody has to prove anything to me,” Punk said. “It wasn’t about them having prove anything to me, it was about me being open to the idea and that it wasn’t going to be ‘well I’m just going to jump into the pool right away.’ I had to dip my toe in and see how things were going to be.

Actually, this is all Renee Paquette’s fault honestly, this is all her fault. “She’s the one who got me to come back and do the (WWE) Backstage thing, and it opened my eyes. And it’s like ‘okay, this is fun, she’s a good person and I love working with good people.’ And that’s really all it was.

Nobody had to prove anything to me. But I did have to take a wait and see approach, and I waited and I saw. And I liked what I saw”. CM Punk was one of WWE’s greatest stars. Many reports suggest that WWE officials are not happy about losing CM Punk to AEW.