CM Punk Speaks About Talking to Tony Khan Years Ago

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CM Punk Speaks About Talking to Tony Khan Years Ago

CM Punk made his AEW debut recently, however, he revealed that he had been in contact with Tony Khan for a really long time. CM Punk was one of WWE’s top wrestlers when he left WWE. He didn’t wrestle after that for nearly 7 years.

He has stated that he will wrestler Darby Allin at AEW All Out PPV event. CM Punk and Tony Khan spoke during a media scrum. CM Punk stated that he was in contact with Tony Khan a long time before AEW started.

CM Punk Speaks About Being in Contact With Tony Khan Before AEW Launch

“I’ve been talking to Tony for probably a year and a half about this,” Punk said.

“Some girls are easy to get into bed, I am not. I need to be wined and dined. And that’s not an, ‘Oh, I need more money and less dates’ or, ‘Oh, I need this and that.’ It was literally just talking to Tony and getting to know him.

And the more people he employed that I knew, I’d ask questions and they’d tell me things. I’ve been in the game for a few minutes. So I’ve seen, and I think I traced it back to the downfall of ECW, every six months to a year, somebody pops up.

‘I have money and we’re going to have TV and we’re going to use all the ECW guys.’ “This is not a slight on Tony at all, it’s more of a slight on me being a paranoid, neurotic, anxiety-ridden, very careful person.

I wasn’t in a hurry, and the pandemic kind of helped that out. I knew I couldn’t debut if there was no people in the building. I always say timing is everything, and there were a lot of happy accidents along the way that made this possible”.

CM Punk also admitted that he was extremely nervous before walking out to the ring. He stated that the AEW locker room was actually very surprised that he was nervous. “I was extremely nervous. And I was,” CM Punk revealed.

“Eddie Kingston was like ‘What are you talking about? Why are you nervous?’ Because I’m nervous. I haven’t been on the bike in a minute. Being nervous is an extremely good thing because I’ve been a part of moments like that, maybe not as big as that because that’s a big moment, where I didn’t care at all.

I wanted to be anywhere else. So being nervous meant that I cared and I was emotional walking out on that stage, knowing that, ‘Hey man, this is fun. I love this again.’ I’ve been a lifelong wrestling fan. And sometimes you fall in and out of love with the stuff. If you set something free and it comes back to you, it’s true love”.