*Spoiler* AEW Rampage: Results

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*Spoiler* AEW Rampage: Results

We had been expecting such a return for months, years we would say. CM Punk has finally returned to the pro-wrestling rings, but he did not do it on the WWE square of McMahon, but on that of AEW Rampage, the new weekly show of the Khan family, which had sold out precisely because the fans of the All Elite had understood for weeks that the Second City Savior would be back and would do so right in his Chicago.

So it happened. On 20th August, in the second historical episode of AEW Rampage, CM Punk returned to tread a pro-wrestling ring after years from the last time, visibly moving and thrilling the fans in the arena who flocked there for him but also those from all over the world.

world, connected from home. Immediately after his entry on the scene, AEW wanted to confirm how Punk has signed a wrestler contract with the company and that therefore his arrival is official as well as real.

AEW Rampage kicked off with CM Punk making his debut

AEW Rampage kicked off with CM Punk making his debut.

The rumors were true, and Punk is All Elite! The former WWE star looked emotional as he walked down the ramp, and the fans were at the top of their voice. Immediately after taking possession of the ring, Punk wanted to thank his fans for cheering and calling him for years, until his return.

Among the many things he wanted to tell, the former WWE Champion also revealed how he could not return to the rings of his old company, without naming names, because otherwise it would have been bad, just as it was when it still was.

It was there. Since his exit from the ROH rings in 2005, Punk already knew that he would suffer more in the WWE rings, because the ROH had grown with him, while instead WWE was already a company that had been running for years and a place and a place.

environment not really healthy for its fighters. So after 16 years and therefore from 2005, CM Punk has claimed to have returned to pro-wrestling, with AEW, of which he will be one of the main characters from today and has obviously promised that now he will not go away anymore.

Meanwhile, the first challenge against Darby Allin has already taken place, waiting during the Punk promo in the stands together with Sting, with the same Punk who said referring to the former TNT Champion, who will be seen at All Out, but also in the next installments of Rampage and Dynamite.

CM Punk stated that he couldn't stay in the place he was before this. He added that it was in 2005 when he actually left pro wrestling. And now, in August 2021, he was back. Punk pointed out he was back for both the fans as well as for himself. Fans were crying in the area as Punk cut his promo. It was incredible to see Punk back inside the squared circle.