Does CM Punk suggest the arrival of Daniel Bryan in AEW?

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Does CM Punk suggest the arrival of Daniel Bryan in AEW?

In recent days, there has been nothing but talk of resounding returns, both for WWE and for AEW, with both major US companies staging screaming segments in their latest mandated shows. broadcast on their respective platforms.

If the WWE wanted to give two great returns with Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar in the last ppv sent to the scene from Las Vegas, Summerslam, the All Elite Wrestling has instead brought to the scene none other than CM Punk, multiple world champion of the WWE, who had absent several years ago from pro-wrestling rings all over the world, but which until now had always been acclaimed by fans all over the world, who had shouted his name in all the arenas of the United States, even a little 'without reason.

Haynes reports that Daniel Bryan had requests for his AEW contract that were granted, including the ability to work in Japan, working fewer dates for comparable money, and wanting to have creative input over how his character is portrayed on AEW TV.

All of these requests sound relatively reasonable for a superstar the quality of Daniel Bryan, and it's no surprise that AEW owner Tony Khan would agree to them.

The latest news on Daniel Bryan

After the sensational debut in that of last week's Rampage episode, this week CM Punk also made his debut in the Dynamite rings, interviewed by historical commentator Tony Schiavone, to whom Punk left some personal thoughts on what his future will be with the company of the Khans.

The thing that left the fans waiting in the arena but also those connected from home perplexed and astonished, is when the "Yes Yes Yes" chants, typical of the former WWE star Daniel Bryan, started, with Punk who wanted to answer them, who will have to wait a little longer for that, leaving occasion to think that even Bryan could soon join forces with the All Elite.

Now let's see some excerpts of the video from yesterday evening, (the Italian night), with what Punk said to Schiavone's microphones. Without naming names, CM Punk has nevertheless hinted that if the fans are still a little patient, their wishes could be granted, with the arrival of Daniel Bryan whose addition will bring AEW to WWE levels, if not for the importance and worldwide fame, at least for the quality of the athletes brought to the scene, which could also increase its fame worldwide, making the AEW a real thorn in the side of the WWE.